Zecora Walks Through Poison Joke
Zecora Walks Through Poison Joke

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Writer(s) Prince Luna
Date published July 10, 2012
Words 1,085
Status Complete
Type/genre Comedy
Featuring Zecora
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Zecora Walks Through Poison Joke is a short one-shot written by Prince Luna. The entire story is written from Zecora's persona and even rhymes.


The story is written in the first person and in Zecora's rhyming dialect.


The story starts out with Zecora looking for ingredients for a potion for pony pox. She then spots the last ingredients she needs, bark from a 'Giggle Ghosty Tree'. Impatiently, she rushes towards the tree, but stops in her tracks to realize she has clumsily galloped through poison joke.

She returns home hastily and looks for a remedy to reverse the flower's effects as her rhyming becomes in worse taste and her intelligence is also fading. In a slur of stupidity, she heads to Ponyville for no apparent reason and the effects of the poison joke begin to fade between her not being able to rhyme and her being unintelligent. She then remembers she gave the remedy to Derpy Hooves a few days previously (her eyes had 'un-derped' after treading in the plant and she needed help).

Zecora finds Derpy quickly and the two have tea together, then Derpy forces Zecora to take the poison joke remedy as she is too stupid to realize what it is. With the effects decreased but not gone, Zecora rushes to the spa to completely negate the effects; but Aloe and Lotus don't believe that she has walked in the poison joke plant.

She heads home and realizes that the bark of a Ghostie Giggle Tree will completely cure her problem, but once again she walks through the poison joke and this time begins to roll about in the plant and even eat it. Twilight Sparkle notices her and quickly takes some of the tree's bark and takes Zecora back to her hut to cure her.

After thanking Twilight, Zecora goes back to her pony pox stew fully recovered.

Or so she thought.[specify]

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