Zahqo OC
Other names Sean
Known as Musician
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Zahqo (pronounced zah•koh) is an American brony musician. He's described himself as "Independent musician, technology enthusiast, web dev, graphic artist, gamer...", and holds the 85th position on the top 100 Brony Artists on the Brony Music Directory [1]. Zahqo shares his Youtube Channel with Haymaker, who is his partner in music production.

Featured Songs

Luna's Ruse
Creator(s) Zahqo
Composition Zahqo
Lyrics Haymaker and Zahqo
Vocals Haymaker
Instruments Haymaker (guitar), Zahqo
Duration 5:13
Type/genre Electronic

Released November 13th, 2011, Luna's Ruse ranked 59 on Everfree Network's Top 100 Brony Track Countdown 2011, Luna's Ruse was Zahqo's first production. He premiered alongside Haymaker, and enjoyed moderate success. the song also lists shoutouts too artists "MidgetBrony, Chain Algorithm, PinkiePieSwear, Makkon".

The song's lyrics directly reference the first episode of My Little Pony, painting as a figure out to attempt a coup d'état.

Power Slipping
Creator(s) Zahqo
Composition Zahqo
Lyrics Zahqo
Vocals Haymaker
Instruments Zahqo
Duration 4:08
Type/genre Electronic

This song is seemingly sung from Discord's perspective as he jeers at Twilight Sparkle. The entire song paints a picture of Twilight's utter defeat, singing lines that reference her friendship such as "I can't take what you never had". The song poses a question for it's latter half, showing Twilight cast down in shame, being reminded that her penance, her reward, is Discord, and questioning what she will do with the reality she is in now.

The song was part of a project in "The Friendship Fund", and Zahqo has stated that the song was produced as part of the fundraiser for a good friend.

Creator(s) Zahqo
Composition Zahqo
Lyrics Haymaker
Vocals Haymaker
Instruments Haymaker (Guitar), Zahqo
Duration 4:33
Type/genre Electronic, Rock

Letters is a simple song that details Twilight Sparkle's daily life in Ponyville, the song being a letter taken down by Spike as a note. The lyrics are primarily focused on Twilight's feelings of when she's with her friends, however the entire song is left with a dark, ominous overtone. The song ends with a simple line of "The spell is cast, the dream is real", perhaps showing Twilight's first doubts of her friends.

Selection of other songs

08-09-2013 After the Apocalypse 5:22 Electronic One of the few songs that does not also feature Haymaker


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