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Wubcake's OC Cupcake Slash
Other names Wubby, Wubs, Wub.
Known as Voice artist
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Wubcake is an American voice actress, artist and singer. She voices a variety of characters in brony fan labor, most notable the role of Adagio Dazzle. Much of her voice work includes parodies, comic dubs, and song covers.

Voice work

Comic dubs

Published Title Voice Creator
2014-01-05 Repercussions of Vegetables Pinkie Pie Muffinsforever
2014-02-23 Ask Pinkamena Diane Pie Blog mDialog-warning-custom.svg Scootaloo CrookedTrees
2014-03-16 Maud's Favorite Things Maud Pie
2014-03-19 Somepony Missed Spike? Maud Pie INVISIBLEGUY-PONYMAN
2014-05-07 The Opposite Of Happy Pinkie Pie Heir-of-Rick
2014-10-13 Maud Pie Reviews Rainbow Rocks Maud Pie Daniel-SG
2014-10-25 Betrayed by Pears Applejack
2014-11-04 Adagio's Hairy Situation Adagio Dazzle
Aria Blaze
2015-01-29 Ask Sonata Dusk and Friends All Jankrys00
2015-02-11 Irresistible Charm Rarity
Adagio Dazzle
2015-03-02 Ask Pinkamena Diane Pie Pinkie Pie CrookedTrees
2015-04-07 Not In The Mood All AniRichie-Art
2015-04-25 1910 Times Were Lonely All Daniel-SG
2015-05-11 Rainbow Rocks Epilogue All RileyAV
2015-05-14 Fluttershy's Tunes All Ruhje
2015-05-14 Dazzling Comics Adagio Dazzle
Aria Blaze
2015-06-23 Background Noises All Coltsteelstallion
2015-08-25 Rarity's Milk All Siberwar
2015-09-14 It's Hard Being Good Scootaloo Veggie55
2015-09-16 Sexual Tension Sunset Shimmer
Adagio Dazzle
2015-10-10 Seeing Double Sunset Shimmer dm29
2015-10-17 The Support a Girl Needs All dm29
2015-10-18 That's Causing Nightmares Sunset Shimmer
Pinkie Pie
2015-11-14 MAIL-HAPPY Sunset Shimmer uotapo
2015-11-27 Pike and Airity Applejack Karzahnii
2015-12-16 Hihoof Sonata Dusk
Aria Blaze
2016-02-08 Foul Play mDialog-warning-custom.svg Sunset Shimmer CrimsonBugEye
2016-03-01 All Whip and No Play All Burning-Heart-Brony
2016-03-25 The Reunion Sunset Shimmer
Twilight Sparkle
Princess Luna
2016-04-08 Friendship All spacepig22
2016-04-13 Tricks on You Twilight Sparkle
Timmy Turner
2016-04-13 The Most Equestria Girls In School Sunset Shimmer
Twilight Sparkle
2016-04-29 Something Fishy All TheJourneysEnd
2016-05-20 The Thing All Ponut Joe
2016-05-20 Size Matters All Ponut Joe

Other works

Published Title Voice Creator
2013-07-02 Flutters part time job Rainbow Dash tiarawhy
2013-07-09 Fluffle Puff Tales: "All Boxed Up" Twilight Sparkle FluffyMixer
2013-08-04 Vinyl and Octavia - Sunrise Surprise Scootaloo DILeak Studios
2013-10-26 Fluffle Puff Tales: "Nightmare Night" Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie
2014-03-15 Maud reads some rock poetry Maud Pie
2014-03-16 Rocks and Stuff Maud Pie AnimatorPhoenix
2014-03-23 Maud and Boulder Maud Pie Mayde
2014-04-12 Just be me Twilight Sparkle
Sweetie Belle
2014-04-12 Maud's Rockin Poetry Maud Pie ShadesofEverfree
2014-05-27 Sweet Apple Massacre - Dramatic Reading mDialog-warning-custom.svg Applejack
Apple Bloom
2014-10-15 Rainbow Rocks Parody 1 -
Sunset Shimmer has an Experience with Bronies
2014-10-21 Rainbow Rocks Parody 2 -
The Dazzlings get REKT
All females
2014-11-11 Rainbow Rocks Parody 3 -
The Dazzlings Find Their True Leader
2014-12-07 Sunset Shimmer Tries Fandubbing Sunset Shimmer
2014-12-11 RARIJACK.MOV All
2014-12-11 Ponydocks mDialog-warning-custom.svg All
2015-01-19 Adagio Dazzle Wants to Be
Sunset Shimmer's "Mommy"
All TeamFourStar
2015-01-29 Rainbow Rocks Parody 4 -
Stupid Drummy!
2015-02-16 Rainbow Rocks Parody 5 -
Showered with Fans
2015-03-16 Why I Don't Do Fandubs Adagio Dazzle
2015-04-20 Rainbow Rocks Parody 6 -
Bad Singing in the Cafeteria
2015-05-05 Rainbow Rocks Parody 7 -
A New Guitar
2015-07-17 MUFFIN BREAKER - SAVE BAKER Sonata Dusk Khuzang
2015-08-11 Aria Rants - Episode 1 Aria Blaze
2015-08-16 Aria Rants - Episode 2 Aria Blaze
2015-09-07 Friendship Games Parody 1 -
Sunfic Singer and Rainbow Jerk
2015-10-02 A New Look - Dramatic Reading Adagio Dazzle Jay-the-Brony
2015-12-15 The Siren and the Seamare Adagio Dazzle Carbon Maestro
2016-03-05 An Open Door CH 1 - Dramatic Reading All except
2016-03-06 An Open Door CH 2 - Dramatic Reading All except
2016-03-10 An Open Door CH 3 - Dramatic Reading All except
2016-03-18 An Open Door CH 4 - Dramatic Reading All except
2016-03-20 An Open Door CH 5 - Dramatic Reading All except
2016-03-21 A Precious Rainbow Chapter 1 - Dramatic Reading All milesprower06
2016-04-21 A Precious Rainbow Chapter 1 - Dramatic Reading All milesprower06
2016-06-04 MUFFIN STORY - BE LIKED AGAIN Adagio Dazzle Khuzang
2017-08-17 Playing Simulator #9: Comfy Dove Comfy Dove (OC) Comfy-Dove

VA Skype Calls

VA Skype Calls
Status Ongoing
Voices Various
Type/genre Comedy

Most enjoyable by Wubcake's audience is her VA Skype Calls series of videos, in which she and her fellow collaborators pick roles and improvise stories or scenes in character.

Published Title Length
2014-06-26 Fun @ Sugarcube Corner 24:37
2014-07-29 Appuuuls Toogethurr Forevrr 27:09
2014-11-19 School is Just "Dazzling" (Part 1) 11:12
2014-11-19 School is Just "Dazzling" (Part 2) 9:28
2014-11-19 School is Just "Dazzling" (Part 3) 14:14
2014-12-24 Silly Sirens (Part 1) 14:49
2014-12-24 Silly Sirens (Part 2) 9:09
2014-12-25 Silly Sirens (Part 3) 10:13
2014-12-25 Silly Sirens (Part 4) 11:44
2015-02-27 Adagio's Grocery Adventure 23:37
2015-05-30 Dazzling Pranks and Phobias 28:34
2015-09-21 Class Chaos Part 1 25:13
2015-09-21 Class Chaos Part 2 24:48
2015-09-22 Class Chaos Part 3 43:32
2015-10-25 Accidentally in Love 11:02
2015-10-13 Sonata Cuts The BaconHair (Short) 1:40
2015-11-30 Dazzlings Weirdest Trip Ever 31:28
2015-12-16 Twilight's 'Time' 15:34
2015-12-16 Adagio Hair Jokes 16;45
2016-02-03 Principle Cinch is Weird (Short) 1:18
2016-04-11 Crawling in my Dress 32:08
2016-04-21 Sunset and Flash Sillyness (Short) 0:59

Selection of music

Published Title Length Notes
2014-03-07 The Goof Off (Cover) 1:45 Original by Daniel Ingram
2014-07-13 Maud sings the Goof Off (Parody) 1:45
2014-08-30 Improvised Pinkie Rap mDialog-warning-custom.svg 0:27
2014-11-03 Maud Sings - Call me Maybe (Parody) 0:38 Original by Carly Rae Jepsen
2015-01-04 Adagio Sings - "The Lonely" (Cover) 3:44 Original by Christina Perri
2015-01-25 Awesome As I Wanna Be (Cover) 0:48 Original by Daniel Ingram
2015-02-25 Adagio Sings - Toxic (Cover) 1:23 Original by Britney Spears
2015-04-14 Adagio Sings - Untitled (Cover) 3:35 Original by Simple Plan
2015-09-01 Adagio Sings - Glass of Water
(feat. Sunset Shimmer)
1:53 Original by Daniel Ingram
2015-09-02 B.B.B.F.F. (Cover) 1:37 Original by Daniel Ingram
2016-04-01 Melissa (English Cover) 1:48 Original by Porno-Graffitti
2016-05-17 Say Goodbye to the Holiday (Cover) 2:10 Original by Daniel Ingram