Vinyl and Neon
Creator(s) CrikeyDave
The Living Tombstone
Date added March 18, 2013
Duration 3:38
Voices NowackingVinyl Scratch
ShadyVoxNeon Lights
SerenaMidori – Derpy
Additional voices:
Colonel Cheru

Vinyl and Neon is a fan-video uploaded by TheLivingTombstone. It is animated by Crikey Dave, and stars Nowacking and ShadyVox as the title characters, who must pretend that they are heated rivals in public when they are actually good friends.


The video opens with Neon Lights talking to his agent over the phone. Behind him is a poster advertising a concert, featuring both him and Vinyl Scratch as 'bitter rivals'. He agrees with his agent that he will not be seen being nice to Vinyl in public, and becomes agitated when the agent hangs up on him. The camera pans to the left, revealing Vinyl standing there next to him. Neon tells her that he finds having to fight his best friend in order to sell tickets ridiculous; but Vinyl, eating a chocolate bar, tells him not to worry. They both enter a CD store, with Neon wanting to see if Blue's new album is out. They walk past the store's clerk (Derpy Hooves), who notices the two of them them talking. Soon enough. everypony in the store is watching them in confusion.

Realizing this, Neon quickly pretends to act hostile towards Vinyl, who in turn plays along. After everypony moves their attention away from them, Vinyl asks why Neon not just tell them the truth, but Neon refuses to do so, just as Derpy and another mare notice them again. Vinyl and Neon quickly resume their 'hostilities' with each other, until Neon finds the album he was looking for. Unfortunately, the price tag says that the album costs 6 bits, 2 bits too high for Neon to afford. Vinyl lets him borrow some bits from her, and he hugs her, horrifying everypony in the store.

Neon, having finally had enough, admits that Vinyl is a good friend of his, and that he has all her albums and that they are great. Walking over to the counter, he asks Derpy how much the album costs, but Derpy sheepishly tells him that the album is mislabeled; it actually costs 4 bits, so Neon had enough money on his own. Shocked and humiliated, Neon collapses to the floor.

The scene cuts back outside, where Neon is explaining the event to his agent. Suddenly, he becomes excited by what his agent tells him, and ends the call. He tells Vinyl that their concert just sold out now that word has gotten out that they're best friends, and that the studio wants them to do a joint album. The video ends with Vinyl and Neon walking off into the distance as they begin debating about Autotune.

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