As a couple of you may have heard, me and my friend DMSwordsmaster are both from Fan-Ball Wiki. If you didn't know, on this site, out of our boredom, we have written many, many, various stories. However, these stories, due to thier unofficial nature, are disorganized and in heavy need or re-writing and fixing. In order to make our little "subfandom" known to more than 7 people (which is what I hope to do by posting them on sites like fanfiction) we need to perform these alterations. Due to the wiki only having about 6 active users, to complete these changes in reasonable time, we need help. This is where you come in. Any help in our efforts will be greatly appreciated, and due credit given. If you are interested in helping, check out our site and go through some of the stories and see if you might be interested. I reccommend looking at them first, as some of them may contain material that may make some people unconfortable or otherwise. Thanks for listening. Maybe someday you'll see us somewhere other than wiki.

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