Spike: Hi! I am Spike the Dragon! I will be your host. 22 ponies will be joining. 21 will lose. 1 will win. The pony who wins will get 100,000 bits! Who will win? Who will lose? Lets find out on Total Drama - Battle Camp : 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Name of Pony (Has to be from this page, this page, or this page. No Baby Ponies.)

Colt/Stallion or Filly/Mare 

Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus, or Alicorn

Picture (Post the picture from the same page)

2 Per User

Note: I will only accept 12 users. Whoever that is not accepted can put the names to the debuters list. The page of the game will be made when auditions are over and when 24 ponies and 12 users got accepted.

Post your auditions in comments.

Accepted Ponies



Accepted Users

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