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Ponies in minecraft 2; the Revengening

  • The first pony I made, before creative mode was introduced
  • Carrot Top (or Golden Harvest) made after Glaze's song gained popularity
  • Roseluck (or just Rose) with a netherbrick outline, which used to be netherrack.
  • Candy Mane, with no Cutie Mark apparently!
  • Doctor Whooves, granted I find he's a bit off.
  • Bon-Bon! My laptop isn't all that powerful, so things were still rendering back there.
  • Lyra (or Heartstrings) with a more dynamic pose than most others
  • Tom. Yup. It's pretty bad, but what can you do?
  • Gummy! Look at this guy! His mouth is made of melons, and he don't even care!
  • Big Macintosh. Eeeyup.
  • Colgate! Brushie... Brushie...
  • Soarin, with his beloved pie...
  • Octavia, clearly enjoying her work. If only there was a Cello Noteblock...
  • Vinyl Scratch (or DJ-Pon3) the only pony with noteblocks that play a simple beat!
  • Everyone's favourite skew-eyed mascot: Derpy Hooves (it's canon now!)
  • Little Dinky Hooves. Maybe one day she'll be canon just like Mommy... Or maybe not!
  • The Great and Powerful Trixie! That hat makes her enormous.
  • The Great and Powerful Nightlight! I put Glowstone behind her so she'd give off light!
  • Applebloom! Qu'est ce que c'est? Je parle en Français? Oui, c'est vrai!
  • Scootaloo! I burned a chicken and said "Scootaloo is on fire!" The others freaked out!
  • Sweetiebelle! My favourite CMC since the SisterHooves Social.
  • Pinkie Pie! There aren't enough pink block in minecraft to do her properly...
  • Rarity! We didn't have any problems with HER colours though.
  • Applejack! Her hat's made of wood... Isn't that a bit uncomfortable?
  • Twilight Sparkle! We thought we'd have trouble with her colours, but it turned out fine!
  • Fluttershy! This one's better than the first by far! Too bad about the Gold Block texture.
  • Filly Celestia! That mane is HUGE! It makes her ridiculously long,
  • Luna! This was made before Nightmare Night, so she's got her old hairstyle.
  • So Awesome! /)^3^(\
  • Celestia, Nightmare Moon, and the Elements of Harmony. 18 000 blocks!
  • Me with my Fluttershy skin and my mural. Thanks to DakuNuva and Professos_Kaos!
Since there seemed to be a couple people showing interest, I put up a quick slideshow of everything we currently have on our server. We recently went through a change in worlds, and we've finally arranged the ponies in an acceptable manner, so new ponies are on the horizon! We've got plenty of room for ponies now, and plenty of motivation from recent episodes, so they'll come around.

Until then, enjoy these older ones!

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