So, this is my first blog post so no hating, kay?

Soo anyways, this is my newest pony fanfic "Twisted Mind" (I know that there is an s at the end of 'Minds' but thats not important)

It's a grimdark fanfic (It's not really that dark in my opinion cos I suck at writing stories) and it features my main oc, a werewolf Earth Pony known simply as Tracey (Im sooo original! *Sarcasm*). It also features my other oc's (I'll get to them later)

So anyways, about the story. The main summery is this: Earth Pony Tracey never did feel loved. Her parents hated her, her teachers at school, even her 'Best Friends' were against her. One day, she gets so paranoid that her mind snaps and gets twisted. The only hope? A Pegasus pony who goes by the name of Sea Thunder.

Sounds good (Or as good as I can get) so far right? (I don't think so cause I suck)

So about the characters. Quite a few of them are my oc's. They are: Tracey, Sea Thunder, Vine Wine, Rockn', Spark, Mint Sky and Choc Mint. And two are oc's of my followers on Quotev. Lets not forget the actual in-show characters!

So yeah, that basically covers up my fanfic. Im not going to reveal too much of it as to avoid spoiling it for you. Link is at the top of this blog. Click it to read the fanfic. So until next time, arrivederci! (Or however you spell it)

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