Tracey Derpit

aka Tracey Da Werewolf

  • I live in Someplace in Wales
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is college student
  • I am female
  • Tracey Derpit

    My OC Ponies!

    June 5, 2013 by Tracey Derpit

    Hi ponyfans everywhere! ^-^ Today, Im going to show you my OC ponies!


    No negative comments

    He who has gas, move to the back of the gang

    and the most important rule of all!


    That is all!

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  • Tracey Derpit

    Twisted Mind

    June 3, 2013 by Tracey Derpit

    So, this is my first blog post so no hating, kay?

    Soo anyways, this is my newest pony fanfic "Twisted Mind" (I know that there is an s at the end of 'Minds' but thats not important)

    It's a grimdark fanfic (It's not really that dark in my opinion cos I suck at writing stories) and it features my main oc, a werewolf Earth Pony known simply as Tracey (Im sooo original! *Sarcasm*). It also features my other oc's (I'll get to them later)

    So anyways, about the story. The main summery is this: Earth Pony Tracey never did feel loved. Her parents hated her, her teachers at school, even her 'Best Friends' were against her. One day, she gets so paranoid that her mind snaps and gets twisted. The only hopeā€¦

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