Dundo Loggins
Dundo Loggins by jacobyel

Dundo Loggins drawn by jacobyel from deviantART
Created by thieviusracoonus
First appearance New Animal Life in deviantART
Species/kind Anthro Hobbit
Gender Male
More info
Residence Somewhere between Ponyville and Canterlot, in the woods near the river, in a Hobbit-Hole
Occupation Novelist
Knight of Princess Twilight Sparkle's Royal Guard
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Fur Blonde

 Dundo Loggins is a Hobbit character in deviantART's deviant, thieviusracoonus's never-ending story, New Animal Life, the novelist/main protagonist of his novel series, Dundo and the Six Harmonies, who becomes a knight serving Princess Twilight Sparkle in the end of the novel series. As a novelist, he writes his many real-life adventures with the Mane Six of saving Equestria from the dark forces of evil. He formerly carries the long-lost and legendary seventh element of hope, which he passed it down to Bravest Hero, the Hero of Equestria.

Depiction in the fandom


Dundo is a very friendly and well-mannered hobbit who normally lives in a settled life by himself, but can go on adventures if he has to, because of his strong sense of duty and loyalty. Dundo is fond of food, resting, stories, blowing his bubble pipe, his friends, and was known for greeting strangers and friends with respectful hospitality saying: “At your service and your kin". Dundo was born from a family of adventurers who seek fortune and glory, but were killed by a greedy and mind-twisted jabberwocky, which resulted him living a life in solitude. However, over the years, he has moved on with his life and put his past fear behind. Despite facing many dangers through his adventures and hasn't experienced any adventures for a long time before he meet Shining Armor, he knows very well when he must be brave for the sake and safety of his friends.

The First Known Hobbit in Equestria

Due to Equestria's history of magic, battles against dark magical beings, and lack of edible mushrooms, hobbits are really rare to meet in Equestria. Because of this, Dundo is proclaimed to be the first known hobbit living in Equestria, making him a celebrity of sorts. Ponies would at first follow him around and invade his personal space, asking him several questions about him and his kin that he cannot keep up with, much to his annoyance. However, as they get to know him, they treat him like an average citizen like everyone else.

(More info to come soon.)

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