• Thieviusracoonus

    Dundo Loggins

    June 15, 2013 by Thieviusracoonus

     Dundo Loggins is a Hobbit character in deviantART's deviant, thieviusracoonus's never-ending story, New Animal Life, the novelist/main protagonist of his novel series, Dundo and the Six Harmonies, who becomes a knight serving Princess Twilight Sparkle in the end of the novel series. As a novelist, he writes his many real-life adventures with the Mane Six of saving Equestria from the dark forces of evil. He formerly carries the long-lost and legendary seventh element of hope, which he passed it down to Bravest Hero, the Hero of Equestria.

    Dundo is a very friendly and well-mannered hobbit who normally lives in a settled life by himself, but can go on adventures if he has to, because of his strong sense of duty and loyalty. Dundo is fond of f…

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