For those who don't know i run the Brony Musician Directory at I've been running that site for a long time now and one thing I've always considered wanting to do is do the same thing for visual brony art. I've encountered so many great artists in this fandom and while there's no shortage it would be nice to view a website where you could view a profile where they show you 4 of their thumbnails and get a quick idea of who they are and what their art style is and links to their sites. I would want to keep some of the same blog and profile formatting so there's consistency and a bit of a network between the two sites.

What I WOULD need is a team of to help run the website. I would be looking for people who are very much interested in being an active part in the brony art community and actively blogging about it. I think it would be much easier to be uploading 4 images vs 4 embeds and continuing in with letting artists submit their own profiles to make it easier to add  to the site. The brony art scene is a bit bigger, more unified, and active so i think there would be a good demand for it (if there is nothing out there already that i've overlooked).

Is anyone interested in joining such efforts?  Again this is something for people who want to feel active in the brony art community and have the time and the will. I've been a blogger for years so it's part of my dna at this point but I'd expect you to have some dedication and hopefully blogspot/blog experience.

Let me know if you want to join up OR if you see any problems with this plan....

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