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    • Do I have a theme to my music, a concept? Is this a fresh concept or a tired retread?
    • Will this fit into my style or the rest of my catalog?
    • Is this a good idea that people will like? Would it have a very small audience? Am i catering to ANY audience?
    • Do I have a genre in mind or a creative hybrid of several ideas? Be familar with the sounds of those genres before production.
    • If a remix; do I have permission, a midi file, stems, or an flp to do the work?
    • Is this track Pony enough!? Can I justify sending this to EQD by the end?
    • Do I have the time to pull this track off from start to completion (is there an event deadline)?
    • Write down all good concepts. I have in a concept queue so if i can't do them immediately i could do try them la…
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    S3EP13 "Magical Mystery Cure"

    The shorter season wraps up with the rushed but song-filled "Magical Mystery Cure" which swaps cutie marks of her friends with Twi to clean up the mess. Twi's destiny finally comes true with Princess Twicorn leading to significant changes for season 4. While this is supposed to be a first of 3 parter to be continued next season this is a self-contained episode. While it's badly paced (as were many episodes in season 3) it's still very emotional, full of great songs, fulfilling what has been 3 seasons in the making, and might be what season 4 needs to create fresh new storylines. Roll with the changes....


    S3EP3 "Too Many Pinkie Pies"

    Pinkie gets the chance to duplicate herself and her once buoyany per…

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    There have been a ton of threads opened on mlr for collectives /music labels/ promoters to help get new talent recognized among the flood so many brony musicians. Sad thing is that any of these startup have a bad foundation from the start and often fail a month later (the most successful one Equestrian Hype was the closest success story and it hung out for a good part of the year before almost everyone in that small group of artists quit brony music completely). The trail of the dead or still living labels / promoting teams is long:  MiAmore, Second Chances, Pinnacle Records, Pinnacle Records, EKF, Monstor Brony, The Equestrian Legacy, Equestrian Hype, Shiba Crew, Brony Media, Eleventh Dimension Records, and Equestrian Reverb.

    Here's likely …

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    For those who don't know i run the Brony Musician Directory at I've been running that site for a long time now and one thing I've always considered wanting to do is do the same thing for visual brony art. I've encountered so many great artists in this fandom and while there's no shortage it would be nice to view a website where you could view a profile where they show you 4 of their thumbnails and get a quick idea of who they are and what their art style is and links to their sites. I would want to keep some of the same blog and profile formatting so there's consistency and a bit of a network between the two sites.

    What I WOULD need is a team of to help run the website. I would be looking for people who are very much interes…

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    It's really not that hard a process getting an entry up on BMD and yet I'm constantly getting incomplete submissions. Check out this video i threw together so you can do it the right way if you're a musician who's trying to get on there.

    I encourage other musician to get their own profiles up on THIS wiki, but until THAT happens BMD will always have the most information you can likely find in one place about the brony music community. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do. ;)

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