The Maniac is a time lord from Gallifrey who was previously known as the Doctor, he has been saving planets and lives until one day as a pegasus pony he was captured by the Master and he is now his slave. It is possible for him to have an evil side in the future. In an old audio play called Doctor Whooves: Adventure is Time Travel he was welcomed by Lyra and Bon Bon into their home for a temporary visit so that he can take Lyra away with Bon Bon being left unsatisfied at times. Bon Bon is mentioned a couple of times when the fifth episode was cancelled, she was mentioned in a fanmade parody called "Lyra Knows Best" which was a cover of Tangled's repise from Disney called "Rapunzel Knows Best." The Master makes an apperance in the song however in the Doctor's body and his voice apparantly is switched to the Doctor's singing voice when he sings the reprise parody of "Mother Knows Best." This is one of the sings that the Maniac will possibly have a darker side due to the singing voice, however the switch only happened to almost trick Lyra and Bon Bon into ruling the universe with the Master.

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