This audio play short will have it's own twist on the classic fairytale Cinderella, it will star one oc and one character from Dr Who as a pony. In this story the Master will be playing as a non-time lord character called Stop Watch, and Mare will be taking the role of Cinderella, who is instead called Marella. Mare is currently playing another role called Dr.Marehorror, a character that is based of a villain from the "Dr.Horrible's sing-along blog." She is the main villain and character in her own animated musical series. 

Summary (None.)

The previous concept that you have read before, has now changed to a more original storyline and it has yet to be revealed. Unfortunatly there cannot be anything given away at this time, except for if you read the information above. 

Cast & Crew

Obviously what we know about the cast is that the characters so far, are: 

King Spellera (oc.) 

Prince Master (recurring Dr Who show villain as a unicorn pony.) 

Marella (which will be played by MapleRabsVA.) 

The Tremare Family (unknown members.) 

The rest of the cast is yet to be revealed as well as the crew, but it's obvious that some of the crew in "Snapshot Studios," may join in the project.

Air Date

This project may have to stop development so that it can make way for the "Dr.Marehorror's Sing-Along Blog" and let it end this year in 2016. It is possible for this special to start in 2017 along with a possible mini two-parter episode series. 

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