3.Muffins - Don't know what happens, people say it is disturbing

2.Spike is sad and kills himself - ............ And they can't even think of a title

1.Sweet Apple Masacre - I like horror movies, but this is beyond me, don't read this story, please don't! If you want to know how I found out, this is it, I was on a wiki chat, I asked this guy about MLP Characters (like did he like them), I asked him did he like McInTosh, and his answer, I have no idea what it had to do with my question, but he said don't read Sweet Appr Massacre, and like a idiot, I did, I don't know what idiot decides to write Fan Fics like this, but this guy has to have very little to do in life (the guy who told me about the story did not write it).

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