I have loved this show for four years! I am the biggest fan! I have all mane six drawings on my wall.'I also have the Equestria Girls drawing too! but i also have Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, And Sweetie Belle and DJ Pon3 and Trixie! (Plus my character Stormy Bolt) I made a slide show with them i also am writting a story with them in it and me of course then Equestria girls story! (Not quit done yet) I wrote down all the lyrics from my favorite music episodes. Winter wrap up, It's what my cutie mark is telling me, A true true friend,I love to see you smile,Bats!,May the best pet win!,Show the crystal ponies by their history,You were prepared for this,Raise the barn 1..2..3...4! Only by listening. I also have help Twilight Sparkle win the crown. I have the pinkie pie comic book with a pinkie pie pony toy :) I have lipsick with Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, And Princess Celistia. I am like the mane six! Rairty,I give my friends things they need (Genoursity) I am 100% Truthful (Honesty and plus I Pinkie Pie promised i will never break a Pinkie Pie promise!) I make all my friends laugh! Like i said "lets play duck, duck , Goose or let's go meet srangers who can't sing in public" My friends "What? (Laughter)Fluttershy, I am nice to animals and my friends i stand up for them somtimes (Kindness) I am very loyal to my friends and family(I always am loyal when they need help or their having trouble :P). I am magic (LOL) I do all these things towards me friends! (Magic). What do you think of me now? I love their music sooo much i could die, i love the show soo much i could explode! My favorite character on mlpfim and Equestria girls are Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack. I have the movie and I have a binder full of MLPFIM transcripts and song lyrics.I may be little, but I have a strong heart.
Equestria girls mane 6 wallpaper by macgrubor-d6hbdz0
Mane 6 bubble wallpaper

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