Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

aka Sakiko

  • I live in In a tree
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is To kick some ashes
  • I am *Information not contained*
  • Rainbow Dash's biggest fan


    June 9, 2014 by Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    I have loved this show for four years! I am the biggest fan! I have all mane six drawings on my wall.'I also have the Equestria Girls drawing too! but i also have Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, And Sweetie Belle and DJ Pon3 and Trixie! (Plus my character Stormy Bolt) I made a slide show with them i also am writting a story with them in it and me of course then Equestria girls story! (Not quit done yet) I wrote down all the lyrics from my favorite music episodes. Winter wrap up, It's what my cutie mark is telling me, A true true friend,I love to see you smile,Bats!,May the best pet win!,Show the crystal ponies by their history,You were prepared for this,Raise the barn 1..2..3...4! Only by listening. I also have help Twilight Sparkle win the crown.…

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  • Rainbow Dash's biggest fan
    My name Is Grace I have a character named Stromy Bolt for My little pony friendship is magic.She is Rainbows cousin. She is a pegasus and she is 13. her hair is long and spikey with Yellow lighting bolts threw it. If she had a element it would be Faithfulness. She has yellow eyes and is light grey.

    Stormies cutie mark is a white cloud with a lighting bolt. She creates stroms and tornadoes. She loves to create storms when she's bored. She is a Awesome pegasus

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