• QueenCupcake025

    What if mlp got crossed with undertale!?

    (Only read if you have played UnderTale)

    Twilight: Frisk

    Spike: Monster Kid

    Pinkie Pie: Sans

    Applejack: Muffet

    Rainbow Dash: Undyne

    Fluttershy: Alphys

    Rarity: Mettaton Ex

    Sweetie Belle: Temmie

    Flurry Heart: Asriel

    Cadence: Toriel

    Shining Armor: Asgore

    Trixie: Papyrus (DUH!)

    Diamond Tiara: Bratty

    Silver Spoon: Catty

    (I have NO idea who would be Chara)

    That's it! Thanks for reading!

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