My name is Kerrie Hannah, I'm a furry, pony and human(anime if you like) artist better known as Punkkitten7x2.

I run a ask pony blog on Tumblr based off me and 5 of my real life friends, in this blog all the OCs live in a big house together, our pony OCs are:


PK is a pegusus pony with no cutie mark, she is 24 and seems to be the main character people ask. She drinks, smokes and pretty much does anything bad for her. She's a bad influance on everypony she comes across. 


Lisa is a pony dragon that can not fly, she is shy, quite and gets pushed in to doing things she wouldn't normally do by PK and sometimes a few of the others. She likes to knit and hangout with her friends, her best friend is PK who she is most open with. She is the only one in the house that doesnt play Magic the Gathering,


Erman is a unicorn with a JS100 guitar for a cutie mark, he is 26 and spends most his time trying to master playing two guitars at once. Erman is bright, well mannered and calm. 


Ayhan is Erman's younger brother, he is a pegusus pony and has a bass guitar for a cutie mark, he is 17 which makes him the youngest in the house. If anything he is the opposite of Erman and can sometimes come off as head strong. 


Chris is a pegasus pony with a pair of drum sticks as a cutie mark, he is 22 and is the tallest in the house. Chris likes playing drums and making noise in general, he wears glasses even though he doesnt need to.

1ahmet copy

Ahmet is a earth pony with a keyboard as a cutie mark, he is 21 and is a chubby short pony. Ahmet often gets picked on but is a good sport and can dish back what he gets.... But not very well, He loves food and playing games. 

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