Dear journal, Today was crazy!! As I woke up in my chambers I smelt breakfast being cooked. I love that smell!! So I ran to the dining to room to find mum, dad and the my little ponies! It was amazing, I have heard some many stories about them but NEVER have met them. Of course I was nervous,but I do these things all the time after all I'm only 7. I waved my hoof at each one then went to sit next to daddy. "Hi sweetie had a good sleep?" Whispered dad, I replied, " yep and an even better morning!" We both smiled at each other. Suddenly rainbowdash flew into the air and shouted can't wait to have the second crystal fair!!!! I was amazed, my history tutor told me about it and how my mum and dad saved the day but I never knew it would happen again. Mummy leaned close to me and said," I know it is a long time from now,Cnut your going to become queen some day and hold your on fair." I smiled. Then I had to go to school Write soon Princess violet dusk Xx

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