• PipBelle lover

    Here is some fan work of the elements of harmony and who fans believe the new barers are going to be.

    For this element, as Applejack has the element of Honesty to begin with, most fans would get her to give it to Apple Bloom.

    As Rarity is the element of Generosity, Sweetie Belle is the most common pony to be given this element. However, others include Rumble, Diamond Tiara, or some other foal out there.

    The most common choice for this element is Scootaloo, because Rainbow Dash was the original barer, and Scootaloo idealises her.

    With this one, there have been many creative thoughts and quite possibly more until season 4 comes out with all it's episodes. There has been Sunny Daze, Peachy Pie, Dinky Doo, Pipsqueak, Babs Seed, and some others as …

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