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    Time Turner's allies

    August 11, 2012 by Pikachu7889

    Since this is a fanon website for My Little Pony, I might do a blog here aswell, now, Time Turner (Dr. Whooves) has being in a lot of fanon with a lot of different characters, but in the series Dr. Who, he has loads of allies so here is Time Turner's allies

    Derpy: Many fanon has Time Turner and Derpy, they are often seen together in the show

    Minuette: Same cutie marks, plus, they are also in the fanon

    Amethyst Star: Derpy's sister, daughter or friend

    Dinky Doo: Derpy's Daughter or abdopted daughter

    Flower Shine: On Devianart, Minuette is seen with Flower Shine, plus, they have the same cutie marks (although in the Grand Galloping Gala episode, she is seen with carrots cutie mark), and in Winter Wrap Up, MInutte was beside Flower Shine

    Cloud Kickā€¦

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