aka JJ Jennings

  • I live in Maryland
  • My occupation is Chief Executive Officer at Muffin Co.
  • I am male.
  • Palkiajack

    Hi, I would just like to say that I have started work on my next FanFic, Mermaid Reef! It will be a sequel to Legend of the Heart Amulet, my first FanFic! 

    Basically, Trixie embarks on a quest to find the Enchanted Diamond.

    If you haven't already, read this, the first book in the series:

    I return home late at night. I head home, tuck myself in to my now cold bed and fall asleep. The next morning, I awake and leave my bed. I have determined my next course of action; to locate the Enchanted Diamond. I still do not know much about it. I head to the library to dig up some information on it. I learn that it is hidden deep in the sea, in a area known as Mermaid Reef. The book tells me tha…

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  • Palkiajack

    This is my current FanFic project, Legend of the Heart Amulet. It is the first three chapters of the story. Enjoy!

    I left Ponyville, and walked through the Everfree forest, and kept walking, until by chance I encountered a town that I had never been in, nor had word of the Ursa Minor "issue" got to. The small and quiet town of Pinkoteague Island was a great place to lay low and re-discover my talents.

    As I walk through the streets I notice a small, quaint antique shop. I walk into the shop and rest eyes on a amulet, a pink hexagon with a green heart in the middle. "Ah. A good eye you have indeed for magic, shopper." The shop keeper says as he materialized out of the shadows. "That is the Heart Amulet, a replica of course, even I would not da…

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