Princess Neon Boom

Neon Boom is the Princess of a city called Raverly, she rules along side her younger brother Prince Neon Bass.  Neon Boom falls under the category of precedent when it comes to leadership. She powers her city with her neon magic and rules over all 'Neon' ponies. Boom's magic skills are strong, but not as one that races the sun and moon. 


Neon Boom's past is unknown nor do we know about her mother or father. It seems that she grew up racing her younger brother as a young mare.


The Creator of Princess Neon Boom is Brooke Murphy or better known as Neko Mellow

When she first started this fandom, she wanted to base Princess Neon Boom off of her fursona. Brooke's fursona is a black rainbow snow leopard with long black hair and a red streak. She made Neon Boom's mane and tail not match because she simply wanted her design to be just like her fursonas.

Neko mellow by nekomellow-d5z4cz5 (2)

Neko Mellow's fursona; Brookie


More Info

For more info, please contact Neko Mellow on

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