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  • NI97Wiki

    Okay so, I have seen this blog post about why bronies don't want romance.

    If you didn't then read here:'t_Want:_Romance

    I have asked this If bronies doesn't want romance towards the protagonists in MLP: FiM and asking for a reason why they are being hypo- er, I mean, why they didn't complain about the franchises that has romance like Sword Art Online (Kirito x Asuna as the main importance in the plot, which wasn't even a plot twist if you read the light novel and you said that the relationship drove half the story), Adventure Time (at least it has Jake x Rainicorn with kids now that Finn x FP is now friendzoned.), Harry Potter (at the end of the final film, Harry & Ginny are…

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  • NI97Wiki

    Okay, since the comments doesn't let me do long comments. I am going to do something in this blog, about my main problem to Friendship Is Magic.

    And no, It's not the Twilight Sparkle Alicorn transformation, nor the Equestria Girls movie.

    • Reason 1: She learned everything, she wrote her own magic, and she is not going to be immortal, like Celestia and Luna.
    • Reason 2: The film is non-canon to the upcoming fourth season. As it explains Sunset Shimmer not being on the new season. (Same thing with Flash Sentry possibly)
      • Edit: Blame McCarthy for claiming it canon, even if it didn't happen in the canon, I stand corrected.

    What is the main problem for the upcoming season, IMO, is...

    The Possibility Of Fluttershy Becoming Out Of Character, Becoming Rude A…

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