Hey Guys,

this blog is about my new and first fanfiction I'm actually writing.

I will pubish it next year (or this year maybe) and I just wanted to say a few things about the story.

So... It will be called Legend of the 8 Chosen.

All I can tell ya now about the Legend is the beginning (story next year XD) so let's get started:

We all know the brave ponys which own the elements of Harmony: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Apllejack and Pinkie Pie. Always six of them... Always? No it wasn't always like this. Deep in the forbidden Library of Equestria where only Celestia is allowed to go is a knowledge hidden that would shock everypony of Equestria... In the old manuscript of the eight is a Truth which noone knows... noone except Celesetia. Once there were 8 of the Chosen ones but 2 of them were banned from Equestria because they didn't know that they used their forces to help the evil. One of them was called Frozen Heart and the other one is called Flaming Heart. Frozen Heart controlled the element of ice and Flaming Heart the element of Fire. After a long journey they found the Cave of Ice where Frozen wanted to rest. Flaming was not that happy with her choice but he accepted it. But the next morning he made a shocking discorvery... Frozen, his best friend, wasn't breathing anymore. After he realized that she was dead he mourned for her but he also thought to himself that she's in a better place now. Now that he felt like his life doesn't have a point anymore he was going where no pony has ever gone.... to the hidden cave far behind the horizon. I don't know what exactly he did their but he found something that was making him smile. It was a receipe for the Holy Water..  a water which could bring Ponys back to live! Now Flaming Heart is on his way back to Equestria to find somepony...anypony that could help him to revive his one big Love... Frozen Heart. And this is where our Story begins.

Sorry for my bad english I try to make it better when i write the whole story I promise ;)
Frozen Heart (FF)

The sleeping Frozen Heart

Flaming Heart (FF)

Flaming Heart

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