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    Season 4 Overview

    February 20, 2014 by Larger Seagullane

    Season 4 is an interesting one. The first quarter seems rather divisive while, in the second quarter, episodes are fairly easy to rate (with one exception). The season changes the status quo of the series. It is the first in which the Elements of Harmony are no longer used, the first to feature Alicorn Twilight, and the first to have an active story arc (rather than the passive "Gala" arc of Season 1 or the book which only connects the first and last episode of Season 3). I have rated each episode based on my own opinions.

    • Stories with an "A" Rating are practically perfect in every way. I am likely to watch these episodes repeatedly (or at least until Season 5 rolls around).
    • Stories with a "B+" Rating are upper average, meeting the requiremeā€¦
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