• Lаpis Lazuli

    So, I wanted to make this part of my profile, but as I continued, I realized just how out of hand my profile would get. Then I realized this would be a better topic for a blog anyway. So, without further ado, watch as I ramble about everything I love in this fandom.

    The Artists

    Tsitra360 - Tsitra's style is as breathtaking as it is instantly recognizable. Every color in every work of his completely bursts out. I've got his t-shirt in my drawer and his poster waiting to be put up on my wall. Probably my favorite brony artist.

    Drawponies - He has a way of making everypony look so much cuter. His hand-drawn pictures are wonderful and a good amount of his works have this inherent, lovable silliness. I've got two of his posters in my room alongside…

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