Remember my cupcakes revenge fanfic? Remember on the end where the mane 5 (pinkie already saw her clone's videos) go to their houses/homes to react to smile HD and Cupcakes HD? Here it is!

Twilight and the rest were group calling on skype.

"Alright, we should record this on youtube, because we will react to videos" Rainbow Dash said (i will call her Rainbow for the rest of the fic).

"Alright, on the count of 3, click on Cupcakes HD... Ok?" Twilight said.

"Okay" the other 5 said.

"3, 2, 1, CLICK!" Twilight said.

They were greeted with a flagged video.

"What? FLAGGED?" Rainbow said.

"Hey, i know this site where you can watch any video without signing in with the age of 18" Applejack said.

"Ok, what called?" Twilight asked.

"On the top bar, put NSFW before youtube." Applejack said.

And so the 5 did.

"Alright it started" Rarity said."


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