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  • Jonny Manz

    I'm so excited!

    September 20, 2013 by Jonny Manz

    The printed edition of Past Sins I ordered from Equestria Publications just shipped! I can't wait to get my hands on it and unbox it. More updates to follow as they come.

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  • Jonny Manz

    Ratings of Fan Works

    March 10, 2012 by Jonny Manz

    The ratings are out of 10, this is a constant throughout the tables. For the color-coding system used by the ratings, see this page.
    Below, in the ratings and note columns my opinions are contained; you are free to disagree with them (and even tell me so) as long as you do so in a civil manner. Oh, and don't try to tell me my opinions are "wrong" (that's a major pet peeve of mine); they're not objective fact, they are subjective opinion and therefore cannot be wrong.
    Also, feel free to ask me why I rated each work as I did, though not too much (I'm only one guy!)

    I figured since my blog for ratings of the episodes over on the other wiki is so popular, I'd try my hand at a different version here.

    Chapter title Rating Notes

    Still my favorite FiMf…

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  • Jonny Manz

    Use the comments section of this blog to nominate your favorite FiMfic (MLP:FiM fanfiction) for which we don't have an article on yet. This means please no nominating Past Sins or Fallout: Equestria, for example.

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  • Jonny Manz

    Hello, Everybrony!

    November 21, 2011 by Jonny Manz

    I'll be more active on the non-fan labor FiM wiki, but I'm sure I can find time to do stuff on this wiki at certain time.

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