Hello everyone.  First of all, I would like to thank you for making my previous post one of the "Popular Blog Posts" on the sidebar (with a grand total of 3 comments).  

Now, I'm sure everyone is nervoucited about season 4 of Friendship is Magic.  Excited because, well, IT'S MORE FiM, but nervous because of the ending of season 3 hints at a major (potential) change to the formula of the series.  Personally, Magical Mystery Cure left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.  While the season one finale seemed to mock Disney stereotypes (especially Cinderella), MMC embraced them at every turn.  From the opening musical number, which reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, to the cliche ending of an ordinary girl ascending to royalty.  It all seemed a bit girly.  

As for how season 4 can go, I can imagine a few plot points.

The Equestria Games

From the SDCC footage, we already know this will be brought up in at least one episode.  My hope multiple stories will be tied to this and culminate in the season finale.  I can imagine Rainbow Dash trying out for the Ponyville team, Rarity designing the uniforms (particualrly, I can see her going over the top and creating uniforms that aren't very practical), Twilight freaking out because Celestia asked her to make a speach at the opening (or closing) ceremony, etc.  There's plenty of potential here.

Twilight's royal responsibilities

This plotline has A LOT of potential, but it can also go REALLY bad if handled in the wrong way.  I mean Twilight's now a princess, but we don't know what she rules over (if anything at all).  It's possible that she'll replace the Mayor as ruler of Ponyville and have to deal with the stress of running the town.  I would also like an episode that addresses her ability to fly.  At the end of MMC, she was able to take off just fine, but by Equestria girls she was having dificulties (I like to imagine that right after MMC cut to credits, Twilight lost control and crashed).  An episode where Rainbow Dash and/or Fluttershy try to teach her to fly could be interesting.

Equestrian History

We already know Nightmare Moon will make a reappearance (either through a flashback or present day), but I really want to know more about Celestia and Luna's origin.  Were they present during the Founding, or did they appear later?  (I have my own theories, but that's another post for another day).

Well that's pretty much what I expect of season 4.  Of course there are side character stories I hope will happen, such as more CMC antics, Pinky babysitting Pound and Pumpkin, and Sidekick stories.  What do you guys hope for this upcoming Season.  Drop a comment below.

Your humble blogger,


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