I just wanted to repost this here for others to read.  The article for the story (and links to the story itself) can be found here.  Read it before continuing (just in case of spoilers)...

Ok, still here?  Here's my response that I originally posted in the comment section on FiMFiction.  I thought it was long enough and well written to justify a repost here.

I'll start by saying I needed to wait awhile (I'm guessing about 10 minutes) for my eyes to clear up and keep my composure long enough to type this.  Even now, It's taking all my willpower to keep from breaking down.  This is a guy who refrains from being emotional in public.  A guy who almost never cries at funerals.  A guy who can keep his composure during the most emotional scenes in a movie.  You made this guy break down in tears by the end of this story.  It was THAT powerful.

Really though, you turned every brony's idea of a wish fulfillment fantasy and turned it into a powerful, well written story about a father and daughter, and how letting someone into your life can drastically improve it.  The narrator's old life mirrors mine in a lot of ways, and that kid of depresses me, but the show and the fanbase has helped me see things in a more positive light.  Hopefully 15 years down the line, I'll have happiness like he does.

I really hope Dashie remembers her Dad.  Even if they're worlds apart now.  Great Work!  Bravo!


So yeah, just me spilling my guts to the entire internet.  g'night everybody.

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