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    I just wanted to repost this here for others to read.  The article for the story (and links to the story itself) can be found here.  Read it before continuing (just in case of spoilers)...

    Ok, still here?  Here's my response that I originally posted in the comment section on FiMFiction.  I thought it was long enough and well written to justify a repost here.

    I'll start by saying I needed to wait awhile (I'm guessing about 10 minutes) for my eyes to clear up and keep my composure long enough to type this.  Even now, It's taking all my willpower to keep from breaking down.  This is a guy who refrains from being emotional in public.  A guy who almost never cries at funerals.  A guy who can keep his composure during the most emotional scenes in …

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    Hello everyone.  First of all, I would like to thank you for making my previous post one of the "Popular Blog Posts" on the sidebar (with a grand total of 3 comments).  

    Now, I'm sure everyone is nervoucited about season 4 of Friendship is Magic.  Excited because, well, IT'S MORE FiM, but nervous because of the ending of season 3 hints at a major (potential) change to the formula of the series.  Personally, Magical Mystery Cure left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.  While the season one finale seemed to mock Disney stereotypes (especially Cinderella), MMC embraced them at every turn.  From the opening musical number, which reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, to the cliche ending of an ordinary girl ascending to royalty.  It all seemed a …

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    My Pony Persona thoughts

    September 17, 2013 by Jardex22

    One thing that sets Friendship is Magic apart from other shows is that I (and many others) can imagine themself in the world.  My thoughts on a persona have shifted from one idea to another, and I'll try to convay my thought process.


    There was no doubt I wanted and equine alter ego.  A dragon never really came to mind, and none of the other species appealed to me.  The real conflict really came down to two choices.  Unicorn or Pegasus?  The convienience of Magic, or the power of Flight?  The Horn or the Wings?  You get the idea.  I briefly considered Alicorn, but dismissed it because

    • I wanted to avoid a Sue character.  I mean, there are only 3 canon Alicorns against thousands of the other species.
    • Something about a male Alicorn seems a…

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