Rarity my name you can see that I'm a HUGE Rarity fan, but I don't watch MLP.  But I'm like half and half of MLP and Rarity, which of course is a little bigger. It sounds weird that I don't watch MLP for all of you fans, but I just like Rarity, because she has a unicorn horn (look at the picture on the right). She's also the color purple, which I LOVE.

How I found out about Rarity

I found out from a friend about PonyHoof, which decorates your Facebook Page. It made it look so ponyish and cool on the example picture. So I downloaded it in 10 seconds flat. It said that it worked on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and some other stuff. And when you download it, a window pops up and say which pony you want to choose for your background. Everytime I chose one, an example pops up. So I kept on going and going until I found Rarity. She had curly hair, and she was purple. So I was like WOAH. WOAH. WOAH. SO PRETTYYYY. (Photo on the right and downish)



Why I don't like MLP

Don't be offended MLP fans, but I don't like MLP. At first, I had no idea what a brony/bronie is, but then I found out that it was a boy who watches MLP. I didn't even know any MLP characters at first, except for Rainbow Dash. Because a brony/bronie told me. At first, I was a HUGE (huger than a pony fan) unicorn fan. I thought MLP was a show. Note that I put a link that says the word. MLP fans I reccomend you don't go to that link. d: Sometimes I put links on insulting words. Not that the link is that insulting, but yeah. It's for a good reason MLP fans.

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