Ok, I have a idea for a new Fan Fiction. It is a romance Fan Fic but its going to be Pg or Pg-13, Not R. The ponies hear about a species called humans and Twilight wants to research them. She uses a spell and they landed outside where the humans live and they were humans too. They were suprised and they decided to research them for a month. They appeared as Teens and saw a high school. Twilight has a idea where they should attend the school for a little bit. They atten the school and they went to the new high school. They have their first day at the high school and they were all exicted but Fluttershy was shy since she wasn't used to the new humans. The ponies had a hard time to get used to what humans do. After the first day, they were in the new high school and Fluttershy was very shy that day. Some bullies pick on Fluttershy and she coudln't get help since the others weren't there. There comes the other main character who was a normal average teen. He convices the bullies to stop. He introduces himself to her and told her that he helps her since she was shy and new. Fluttershy says thank you and leaves. While back at the Equestria, Fluttershy starts to feel love. Twilight thinks humans are ok and they are sorta weird but she respects them. The others said they love being a human. After days of going to the high school, Fluttershy goes the the boy who protected him and says some things. The boy loves her and he knows that she likes him. He asks her out and she said yes. A relationship starts and they had great times. After 1 month, Twilight finally finish her research on humans and wants to stop but Fluttershy and the human boy are still dating. Now Fluttershy struggles if she wants to continue on with the relationship or stop and return as a normal pony. This is only a idea so I am still wondering What should I do, please reply it.

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