Hello everypony! I'm grlllover23, a very recent member of the brony world. For months some of my friends talked about it and said how good it was but I, as a testosterone fueled idiot, refused to even consider it. Then my niece wanted to watch it one day when I was babysitting her and I can never say no to her, so I watched it with her and when she went home I didn't stop watching. That was back in July, around the 4th I believe, so since then I've been immersing myself in the world of Equestria <3

Currently the only repository I use for my fanfiction reading and writing is ponyfictionarchives, specifically the explicit section though I have ventured into the "safe" one when a particularly compelling story caught my eye.

Since I've only written one fanfiction my 'style' isn't exactly set, but I prefer to write as a 3rd person omnicient narrator in the past-tense.

The main reason I began to write mlp fanfiction is the shear abundance of love and romance that is possible, as well as a few dollops of comedy and tragedy for flavor, but I assure you the tragedy and anything stemming from it will be for emphasis of feeling, not for tragic effect. If that even makes sense, hahaha!

I prefer to use the Mane 6 in my writing because they are by-and-large my inspiration. I love to delve into how I percieve them through the show, and if that ends up coinciding or going against preconcieved notions largly backed by fandom then so be it.

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