There are many Brony artist on deviantART, but one of my personal favorite is devilkais from Tunisia.

What makes him one of my favorite Brony artist is his style of drawing, which is Looney Toones / Chuch Jones style animation.  I admire that he enjoys this style while going into the grimdark side of the MLP universe and other universes (DC, Marvel, Disney, and Looney Toones) although he does not like Princess Molestia or Megasweet's child XXX of the CMC.

I personally enjoy his drawings of Spike, who is more reptilian than he is on the show.

His favorite members of the mane six are Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

Derpy is his favorite non mane six pony.

Here are some of his MLP drawings:

My Little Pony Villainy is horriFIC

My take on Discord

Manager Rainbow Dash

My take on Spike

My take on Rarity

My take on Pinkie Pie

My take on Rainbow Dash

My take on Applejack

My take on Fluttershy

My take on Twilight Sparkle

My take on Derpy Hooves

My take on Trixie

My take on Queen Chrysalis

My take on NightMare Moon


My take on the Cutie Mark Crusaders

My take on Celestia

Hearth s warming Eve the other untold part

MLP FIM: I drew it Myyy Waaay ...

My take on ...well...various ponies !

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