Who has ever read a good MLP fanfiction that deals with the death penalty?

Well look no further than to BronyWriter's triology about Rarity being a serial killer and the after effects of her execution (via Lethal Injection).

  • The Secret Life of Rarity = the main story.
  • The Public Life of Sweetie Belle = the after effects of Rarity's execution on Sweetie Belle and her being accused of murdering Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's daughters.
  • Broken Blossom = the life and execution of Sweete Belle's daughter Joyous Blossom (the real murderer of DT and SS daughters, also she murders Diamond Tiara after DT tries to kill her).  This story is by far the saddest out of his storyline.

Based off what BronyWriter has written, he did an excellent storyline and at the same time make us question the death penalty (just for Broken Blossom).

So feel free to write down what you think about this topic.

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