A Broken Bond by Rated PonyStar        

Ever wonder what is the meaning for Scootaloo's scooter and what purpose does it have for our CMC member?

In Rated PonyStar's fanfiction "A Broken Bond", we get a possible theory on the scooters origin. 

It tells that the scooter was a present given to Scootaloo to her father Storm Ride (a pegaus) before he was killed in a storm accident over Everfree Forest. 

We learn about this after Applebloom accidently broke that scooter and Scootaloo (tearfully) stops being Applebloom friend.  Applebloom wants to restore their friendship desides to have the scooter fix, which costs 200 bits to fix so Applebloom desides to work for pay to get enough bits to fix the scooter.

Olive Garden (Scootaloo's Earth Pony mother) and Sweetie Belle try to repair her friendship with Applebloom, but since Applebloom is feeling exhausted after doing all the chores Scootaloo begins to loose faith that she'll ever be friends with Applebloom.

However when Applebloom goes into Everfree forest to find a cat (which costs 100 bits reward), Sweetie Belle tells Scootaloo about Applebloom's quest to get enough money to fix her scooter which causes both Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to save Applebloom.

They save her from a krenshar, but Applebloom and Scootaloo nearly die by falling off a waterfall.  Fortunately they are saved by Rainbow Dash.

All is forgiven at the hospital and Scootaloo's scooter is fixed and she helps Applebloom ride her scooter.

I really enjoyed reading this fanfiction, in fact I wish they made an episode around those lines (how Scootaloo got her scooter).  I also recommend Bronies to read this story, it great and very heart-felt story that is a true Scootaloo story and it also deserves a thumbs up for me.

And on deviantART, an artist named Gladanos is working on a comic adoptation of Rated PonyStar's story.

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