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  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is Panera Busboy (future actor)
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  • FinnXMarcy

    From one of my personal favorite MLP fan fiction writer [1], he recently made a blog about if Hasbro has asked you to kill off one of the main six in the series to replace them with another character to assume their role and element somewhere between season 2 and 4. At what point between whatever episodes that we have seen, would you kill that character, who would it be, and who would replace them?

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  • FinnXMarcy

    Westboro in Equestria

    March 17, 2014 by FinnXMarcy

    With the recent reports that Fred Phelps (founder of Westboro Baptist Church) is about to die soon (and hopefully won't go to heaven since he's a false prophet). I thought about adding the fanfictin "Westboro in Equestria" (which also parodies The Wizard of Oz) to this wiki once he dies.

    Updated = he died on March 19th, 2014 (in fact the author CartsBeforeHorses updated one more chapter following Fred's actual death); so I'll start up on the fanfiction once I have some free time.

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  • FinnXMarcy

    My Little Dashie reaction

    September 26, 2013 by FinnXMarcy

    Here are all the deviantART drawings for the reaction to My Little Dashie:

    Sonic reaction to My Little Dashie

    My Little Dashie Reaction

    Jenny/XJ9's reaction to My Little Dashie

    The Mane Six's Reaction to My Little Dashie

    Grim's reaction to My Little Dashie

    My Little Dashy


    My little Dashie Reaction

    Reaction to My Little Dashie

    My Little Dashie Reaction

    Jelly Otter's reaction to My Little Dashie

    Q_Q My little Dashie Reaction

    My Reaction when reading My Little Dashie My Reaction after reading My Little Dashie Online

    Lightning's Reaction to My Little Dashie

    Everyone's Reaction To My Little Dashie

    Ask my OC's #4---Ember reaction 'My Little Dashie'

    my reaction to my little dashie

    My reaction to My Little Dashie

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  • FinnXMarcy

    I finally did it!

    I uploaded an article onto the MLP fan wiki!

    It is the fanfiction called The Bitterness of Mortality.

    The main reason I uploaded the fanfiction is because of ObabScribbler voiced all the characters in a voice reading of the fanfiction.

    She is from England and has her own FIMfiction account = obabscribbler and her deviantART page = Obabscribbler.

    Check out the fanfiction on FIMfiction = The Bitterness of Mortality by SilverSolstice or Scribbler's voice reading on YouTube.

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  • FinnXMarcy
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