Equestrian Empire Production Blog

Since the project's early days, I've come across a glaring snag, which is of course the lack of voice actors. Already I've completed two follow up episodes and got most of my lines ready for episode one but, I'm still not there yet. I never really wanted to do this but in order to keep the series from being delayed any further, I might have to scrap Spike from Episode one. Once we finally have a voice for the little dragon, I could make a new version of episode one with the scenes I wanted to show you... sort fo giving him the Jabba the Hutt treatment in the special edition episode 4.

As for production of Episode 2, the script is complete but there are some more snags that have wrapped around my leg. I will take care of those when they come around.

I know this was short but I'm sure I don't want to confuse anyone right now with some of the news that have been popping up, or have anyone who was worried about Hasbro's sudden take downs of projects fear the worst for this project but things are going alright, we're just getting things done at a snail's pace.

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