Derpy and Rainbow Dash by LeavingCrow

rainbow dash and derpy

Hi everypony my name is Dusk Shine i will talk about my little pony.My little pony is cool,my favorite ponies are all the ponies but,my best favorite is Twilight Sparkle she is my favorite pony so now i will talk about ponies the main six are Twilight Sparkle,Rainbow Dash,Pinkie pie,Applejack,Fluttershy,Rarity and here are so other ponies:Ace he has a soccer ball cutie mark,baby cuddles she has a raddle as a cutie mark,baby fifi she has pink poodles as her mark,twilight sparkle has a magic cutie mark when she almost failed the school for gifted unicorns also she has a magic cutie mark,rainbow dash has a rainbow lightingbolt as her cutie mark when she broke the sound barrier,pinkie pie got

cutie mark when she learned to smile and threw a party for mom,dad,and two sisters and they learned to smile and she got three balloons(two yellow one blue.),rarity got her cutie mark when she decorated the clothes for school play with jewels,fluttershy got her cutie mark when she went to flight camp and the other ponies were picking on her so rainbow dash steped up for fluttershy and challaged the two ponies and when they did the race fluttershy fell off the cloud and landed in ponyville and saw all the animals and butterflies and got her cutie mark (three​​ pink and yellow butterflies just like her mane and color.) and it's weird because rainbow dash was the one got them there cutie mark. my friend rainbow dash whated to say who is better rainbow dash,twilight sparkle so leave a comment alright.
I love twi

twilight sparkle

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