Dawn Darkness

aka Daniel

  • I live in Kalundborg, Denmark
  • I was born on September 1
  • My occupation is Writer
  • I am Male
  • Dawn Darkness

    This is an ongoing story, which takes place in pre-series, then in the middle of it. While it is with ponies, it focuses more on dragons from an parralled Earth, where a war between humans and dragons took place before the true story. The plot of it, will not spoil yet, will be a dark one, with more action in it than any other stories. 

    The protagonist of the story is an last surviving dragon from the parralled Earth, that are transported to Equestria by his then-dead parents, being taken cared by the residents of Equestria's royal palace in Canterlot, though in secret at first.

    I think that's all I'll reveal at the moment. I hope you all will try and check it out. You'll find more description on the plot by reading the story on Fanfiction.n…

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  • Dawn Darkness

    As said in the title, I'm making a MLP crossover with another popular franchise, Star Wars. There, you will be expecting many fight scenes, along with lightsaber duels as a bonus in it. The main protagonist of the story will be my own character, Sky Light (adoptive son of Princess Celestia, in my series, thus a prince). He has some similarities with Anakin Skywalker, though except, his eyes are green instead of blue. He has an inner conflict within him with his aggressive emotions: anger, hatred, rage, etc. The last chapter of the story, close to the second half of it, the rating will change to mature - as there'll be a lot of people that dies in it. Also, I'll have some sort of point of view at "Order 66" in the third prequel film of my v…

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