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Rise of Dark Matter Music List

Over the course of writing this story, I've tracked down several music tracks that you can listen to in order to get into the atmosphere of the story. Some are battle musics, some are ambient, and some are something in between.

Anyways, I just made this because I felt like it. Oh well.

Intro (None yet)

Museum (None Yet)

Discovering Revelian (Song)

Revelian's Intro (Song)

Opera House Ambience (Song)

Revelian's Rage (Song)

Escape (None Yet)

Hospital (None yet)

Revelian's Carnage (Song)

Revelian's Victory P1 (Song)

Revelian's Victory P2 (None Yet)

The Ritual (Song)

Adventure Begin (None Yet)

Mountain (None Yet)

The Choice (None Yet. BOY THERE'S A LOT OF THESE!)

Revelian and Twilight (Song)

Smile's Theme (Song)

Diamond Dog Battle (Song)

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