Im feeling in a festive mood.

Much like the storm troopers after doing their favorite thing: shooting up Ewok Villages, although their aim is terrible (so much that if they threw a rock to the groud they would miss), but then again, thats not the point at all.

Im almost done writing the first part to my long story, the end of which as a dim glow in the horizon. But im already excited to start writing the second part. The first part, Pegasus from a Storm, starts slowly and then EXPLODES *profesional fireworks stile* at the end. Cool huh?

Nonetheless, there are many things to do first. Like... finishing it. Special thanks to the supportive attitude of users.

Now to celebrate, I"ll give you something to feast your eyes upon. An overload of increadible awesomeness and radicallness. EXPLODES *profesional fireworks stile*

To prove its potential: A so-far-slightly unrelated pre-deviant art(ish) art concept of my OC when he was young. Although it is lightly related to a flashback in the first part, do notice his wings and the egg nearby.

FANMADE-Young Hurricane Stormcloud

Young Hurricane Alexander Stormcloud

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