• Catbeast84

    I love shipping Twilight and Rarity together! I think they're cute together! Can't find a lot of good fanfics about them though on FanFiction.Net though, let alone ones that are complete.

    So any pony have any reccomendations? Some preferences:

    10,000 word minimum

    40,000 word maximum


    Can contain clop. Doesn't have to. Either way is fine with me.


    PS: You know that last song from Crystal Empire? That song had so many Twarity moments! :)

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  • Catbeast84

    Posting a Fanfic Here

    November 12, 2012 by Catbeast84

    What are the rules/requirements/guidelines for posting a page for a fanfiction story here? I mean surely you can't just post ANY fanfic here, right?

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