• Captainpyrosmagicsource

    Hello there guys! My name is Jeremy, but you can call me by my OC name: Sandman! I am currently working on my new story/fanfiction called "A Bolt Of Lightning". This is a Sandman (OC) X Cloudchaser (CC) story. Now you may be asking, "Why Cloudchaser?" Well, I think background characters don't get enough love in the brony fandom, so i'm taking that step forward. I am done with Chapter 1, and I will try to upload a chapter every month to FanFiction, since I cannot log onto my FiMFiction, due to password problems and username confusion. There is currently a poll as to decide the main theme for my story. The poll is at: The story is about Sandman's life for the past 2 years. When he was 17, he saved Cloudchaser from 2 rut…

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