So... My sis and i were being random this one time and she wrote a fan fiction and asked me to show it on the wikia. It's called "Alice pony sacrifice"... It has the info at the beginning then 4 chapters of all the so called "Alices". Here is the fan fiction (Sorry if it seems violent)


Some ponies are normal,some can become special, but these ponies are the most special ponies to live.

Chapter 1: The pony alice

The first alice to ever live was an earth. She took walks in the forest, cutting down trees as they got in her way. Some ponies and colts were even.... yeah, don't even mention it. She one day had a trail of red (DONT MENTION THAT EITHER) following her, a colt found her by the trail, so he locked her up in a cage for being bad. He put the cage up in the part of the forest where the trees surrounded her. 

==Chapter 2: Second alice==  The 2nd alice was a unicorn colt who would sing. He did preformences all the time. One day, he never made another preformence again as someone... don't mention that either. A Pony found him and took position.

Chapter 3: 3rd alice

The 3rd alice was a little filly who was Ponyville's favorite alice due to her cuteness. One day, she was taken down by a dream and never woke up.

Chapter 4: The 4th alice

The 4th alice was 2 twin alicorns who were walking through the forest. They found the 1st alice one day, they freed her, but she took them down. The twins were stuck in a dream but never woke up. 

After the twins died, no one was nominated for the 5th alice (In the fan fiction it is stated that it has been 5 years and no pony is the next alice.)

The ponies used for the fan fiction

alice 1 -  Pinkamena

alice 2 - Thumbtack wave (Her OC)

alice 3 - Scootaloo

alice 4 - Celestia and Luna

So who liked this fan fiction? Comment below :)

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