• Bronyman543

    This Blog is basically a count up of the references on Machinimist SMG4's super mario 64 blooper's the list starts below.

    Senmodnar 2: at 2:44 a mario recolor with Derpy Hooves colors makes a cameo while saying derp and also not a reference to FIM it is however a reference to the G1 series specifically the very first words in the theme song at 6:01 and at 11:20 a gmod with an area outside of ponyville makes an appearance.

    the swap: the biggest reference in this blooper is at 11:50 when the wizard who near the beginning of the blooper was attacked by mario in response he angrily swapped mario and smg4 into each others bodies for most of the blooper before swapping them back the wizard asks what valuable lesson that the two have learned mario …

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